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Reasons Why They Should Be Together
1. They are happy together

2. Inuyasha protects Kagome from any danger

3. Inuyasha get mad/sad/jealous when another guy flirt/touches her.

4. Kagome becomes sad when Inuyasha is thinking/protecting/running to Kikyo. (Kikyo you bitch! Stay away from Inuyasha!!!)

5. Inuyasha waits madly until Kagome returns from her time.

6. Kagome loves him deeply (duh!)

7. Inuyasha's madly in love with Kagome (He loves her more than Kikyo!)

8. Sango, Miroku, and Shippo try to make Inuyasha admit his love to Kagome.

9. Kagome shed tears for Inuyasha (Kikyo never cries because she never CARES!!!)

10. Inuyahsa cried when he thought she was dead.

11. Inuyasha doesn't express he's true feelings because he loves her so MUCH he doesn't want to be hurt (To make it clear, if he told Kagome, he's scared Kagome won't feel the same way)

12. THEY KISSED!!!! (Movie 2)