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kagome or kikyo

This page is devoted to the time honored question of who should get Inuyasha? Kagome? Or Kikyo?

Many Kagome fans would say that Kagome should get Inuyasha, and so do the fans of Kikyo,sould get Inuyasha that is. But there are always two sides to look at everything right? So indeed let's do just that and see if we can once and for all answer the question of "Who should Inuyasha be with?"

Let's began with Kikyo as she was after all Inuyasha's first love. Kikyo was a great priestess who loved Inuyasha very much, he was after all her supposedly savoir from the confinement of her binding to the jewel. But it was deeper than that, it was true and sincere, it was going above and beyond anything that was in that era by accepting Inuyasha for who he was(a half demon). We see Kikyo as a cruel cold hearted woman with nothing in mind other than killing Inuyasha. This is not true. Kikyo's new life is much different than her previous one. In her previous life Kikyo was very different, Kikyo was a beautiful Priestess, she was brave, caring and powerful but upon dieing her last feeling was of betrayal from the man she loved, and so her new body was full of all that hatered and anger and was harvested up in her from that very moment. But, even in that moment of hurt and mistrust Kikyo did not kill Inuyasha. Think about it, she could have killed him in an instant with one of her arrows but instead she pinned him to the God tree where he would sleep for forever and not be ravaged by time. Now then does that sound like someone who is out to kill Inuyasha? I think other wise. And then upon being risen from the dead Kikyo was faced with the fact that Inuyasha has supposedly moved on with a girl who looked like her, acted like her, had the same powers as her but was not quite her. Now that has to rub some salt into an already fresh wound.

And this is where Kagome comes in.

Kagome the girl with the kind heart and strong soul was faced with the turmoil’s of the Feudal era, of demons, wars and the classic battle of good versus evil. Ever since Inuyasha was awoken from the tree Kagome was mistaken for being Kikyo by Inuyasha, villagers and demons--a hard title to live up to when you are just an average girl from the modern time. Despite everything however Kagome stuck by Inuyasha, helped him, cared for him taught him to trust others and most of all, came to love him. This all by a girl who has no clue about the Feudal Era, much less demons, and in that fact I think she's doing pretty well for herself don't you think?

Even though this seems like nothing more a page full of trying to justify who better than who, I a sure you that’s not the case. Now that we have some background on both characters let’s try to get back to answering the question.

Who should Inuyasha be with? In my opinion I think it should be Kagome. Although I am probably going to get many flame e-mails about this, this is only my opinion and not the true answer to the question.

Although Kikyo deserved a chance of happiness and to be with Inuyasha she tragically and regretfully did die. And although she was risen from the dead, Inuyasha and her could never get back what they once had it just wouldn’t be possible.
Kagome on the other hand is a different story. She has shown Inuyasha what trusting someone truelly means and has healed the scars from his past allowing him to accept people a bit better than he once did.
I think of it this way, when Kagome was reincarnated with Kikyo’s soul (although it is hers now) and was brought back in time, she met up with Inuyasha and pretty much from the beginning fell deeply in love. I see this as a way for the soul of Kikyo’s to find it’s way back to Inuyasha and to finally be with it’s one true love.
And just because I think Kagome should be with Inuyasha doesn’t mean I don’t like Kikyo…or that I think she should be left out of being with someone who will love and appreciate her. Though I don't know who she sould be with. I am certan that people will let me know!

“Who should Inuyasha be with”
Kikyo is an ugly
Kagome is stupid
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A. How can Kikyo be ugly when Kagome is supposedly to look just like her?

B. How do you think you would be able to do if you were thrust into a world full of demons?

Come people let’s be a bit more sensible than that ^_^

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this page and if you have any comments E-mail me or post them on the General Board!

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