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Inuyasha Quotes!

Some very memorable, and very cute Inuyasha Quotes!

Miroku: Just what happened between you and Kikyo.
Inuyasha: Same thing you do all the time.
Miroku: Ghastly! You did that in front of Kagome!
Inuyasha: Hey, you do it every day lech!

Princess: Don't leave me Miroku, I'm scared.
Miroku: You're scary enough yourself.
Princess: Monk, how can you be so cruel?!

"Shut up!"-Inuyasha
"Please forgive us Inuyasha!"-Sango
"We were only worried about you!"-Shippo
"I don't care, butt out of my life...Stupid!"-Inuyasha
"Come'on Inuyasha!"-Sango
"Get back here!!"-Inuyasha
"You must forgive him, Kagome, he's just as happy that you came back."-Kaede
"Come back here!!!!!!!"-Inuyasha

"Is it my imagination, or is there some kind of jealousy thing going on here?"-Inuyasha
(gives Inuyasha a really bad look)"It's your imagination."-Sango
(Inuyasha tries to hide behind Kagome)
"Whatever you say."-Kagome

"How rude... sticking your hand in the bosom of a girl you just met."- Yura of the hair.

"I've been thinking.... why... were you crying for me?" -Inuyasha
"Becuse.... I thought you were going to die."- Kagome.
*silence* "Your lap..... will you lend me your lap?"- Inuyasha.
"Uh.... sure...." (pulls inuyahs's head into her lap.)" That better?"-Kagome
"Yes..... You... smell.... good."-Inuyasha
"What! I thought you hated my scent."-Kagome
"I lied."-Inuyasha

"So you smelt my blood on her, did ye?"- Kaede
"It didn't shock me.... the way you're always getting sliced up"- Inuyasha

Inuyasha: Someone's talking shit about me
Kaede: Inuyasha, it's no surprise if someone talks shit about you.
Kaede: If you did something stupid like that...
Inuyasha: What? Hey old hag, you are calling me stupid, huh?
Kaede: You are the stupidest of the stupid
Kaede: To find the shikon shards, you got to have Kagome
Kaede: Although, I don't know what happened.
Kaede: Why did you piss her off like that?
Inuyasha: Shut up! She just left like that
Inuyasha: *imitates Kagome*
Inuyasha: I'm going home, stupid
Inuyasha: *stops imitating*
Inuyasha: like that
Kaede: Inuyasha...
Inuyasha: what?
Kaede: You didn't sound anything like her

Shippo: Naraku is a guy. How can he give birth to a woman?

Sango: She is someone who said she'll even bear your child
Miroku: No, that's something I ask of all the ladies I meet
Sango: You never asked me, though
Miroku: I am sorry, Sango. Would you...
Sango: You don't have to say it!

Sango: It's just for tonight, why don't you comfort her
Kagome: Koharu-chan doesn't know much about this town either
Miroku: I can't do that, if I make a mistake and Koharu gets pregnant...

Miroku: At any rate, you can use the Tetsusaiga now
Inuyasha: hehehe That's not all! Watch this! One, two...!!
Inuyasha: *he destroys a mountain*
Miroku: The Wind Scar!
Inuyasha: What do you think? I can use the Wind Scar whenever I want!
Inuyasha: *he goes on to destroy 3 more mountains*
Sango: Hey, stop it Inuyasha!
Miroku: You shouldn't be playing with a dangerous sword like that!
Inuyasha: It's okay! There's no one who can defeat me! Make me stop if you can!
Kagome: Inuyasha! Sit!
Miroku: You get so cocky when you get a few compliments
Kagome: Really, he's so simple minded
Inuyasha: Damn it...Kagome was here

*fighting against Naraku*

Kagome: Okay, Shippou, you ready?

*flying on top of Shippou*

Shippou: Yep!


Shippou: Sure you don't want to put it off for a while?

*Kagome sweat drops*

Kagome: Oh, c'mon, Shippou!