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For those of you that are just discovering the magical series Inu-Yasha and are unfamiliar with the basic plot, then this is for you. Here you will learn about how the characters came together and what started their quest.


Our story begins one fateful day when Kagome Higurashi is celebrating her fifteenth birthday. She celebrates with her family, and then goes to check on her little brother who is playing around the old well on the temple grounds where they live. Sota, Kagome's little brother is afraid that Buyo the family cat has fallen down the well. Kagome bravely ventures inside the darkened shed where the well has been for centuries.

Suddenly arms emerge from the dark well and Kagome is dragged down into it. She finds herself face to face with a giant centipede woman who keeps mentioning a jewel. Kagome shoves her away causing her one of her arms to tear off in the process, much to Kagome's bewilderment. When she exits the well she finds that she is standing in a forest. Soon she notices a strange boy pinned to a tree with an arrow through his chest. Eventually Kagome makes her way to a nearby village where she meets an old woman named Kaede.