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After a particularly difficult battle, Sesshomaru is left extremely injured and alone. He has become separated from Jaken and is too weak to move. A young girl named Rin finds him alone in the forest and does her best to nurse him back to health by bringing him food each day. Sesshomaru, too proud to allow a human to help him tries to make the girl leave him alone, but she continues to visit him despite her threats.

It does not take long before Rin's fellow villagers notice she is stealing food, and she is beaten severely as punishment. In spite of this, she still brings food to Sesshomaru who notices her blacken eye and missing tooth. When he asks her what happened, Rin says nothing, which does not seem to bother Sesshomaru. In fact, Rin has not spoken since her parents were murdered, and has had to fend for herself.

Soon Rin's tragic life comes to a painful end, when Koga raids her village. He turns his wolves loose upon the townspeople and a pack of them find Rin and kill her. After recovering, Sesshomaru smells Rin's blood in the air and finds her corpse surrounded by the dogs. Using his mystic blade, Tenseiga, Sesshomaru restores Rin to life and begins to walk away. Rin watches him leave and the chases after him.

The next time Rin is seen Sesshomaru has dressed her in a fine kimono and she has learned to talk once more. At times Sesshomaru dismisses his concern for the girl, but as her adventures with him grow more dangerous he begins to take risks to ensure her safety. She falls in with Kohaku, and is almost killed again and later by the deranged doctor Suikotsu. In some ways Rin has become a liablity to the once uncaring Sesshomaru, but she has taught him to care for others in exchange.

The Meaning Behind the Name
Rin means "park".

Voice Actors
Mamiko Noto provides Rin's Japanese voice. Her previous work includes Kotori Mono in X and Tonomura Moto in Boogiepop Phantom.

Brenna O'Brien plays Rin in English. Inuyasha is her debut role.