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Name: Kagome Higurashi

Sex: Female

Age: 15

Race: Human

Weapons: Bow and Arrows, and Mystical Powers

Loves: Inuyasha

Hates: Kikyo but more Naraku

Occupation: Student
Status: She's a reincarnation of Kikyo wich means that she experiences some of Kikyo's priestess powers.
Extra info: Kagome was what you would call an normal teenager, but when she was pulled down an old misterious well on her property her life changed. a centipede demon,which 'bit' the shikon jewel out of her side, dragged her down the "bone eaters well" she was in the Feudal Japan. She had freed Inuyasha from Kikyo's spell, and then put somewhat of her own spell on him ( Prayer Beads). When ever she says sit, he sits, oddly, and painfully. Kagome is also the rencarnation of Kikyo. She can also 'see' were a piece of the shikon jewel is, because she was connected to it.when she rencarnated the jewel kikyo watched over was inside of her.
Kagome: The name is based on a mysterious japanese childrens' song.
Kagome Higurashi is an average 15 year old schoolgirl whose biggest worries seemed to be whether or not her handsome classmate Hojo liked her, and ensuring that she passes her exams in order to continue on to high school next year. All of this changes when Kagome takes a fateful plunge down a dry well on her family's property.

After falling through the well, Kagome finds herself in the Warring States Era of feudal Japan. Scared and alone, Kagome is attacked by demons who are seeking the Shikon Jewel inside her stomach. Kagome soon learns that she is the spitting image of a miko that once lived in a nearby village named Kikyo. This woman fell in love with Inuyasha, a half demon, before she was murdered by Naraku after believing she was betrayed by Inuyasha. It is Kagome that frees Inuyasha after finding him pinned to a tree with by an enchanted arrow.

Kagome and Inuyasha's relationship gets off to a very rough start. Kagome reminds Inuyasha of Kikyo, the woman that cast the spell on him, and with whom he was in love. Later, much to Kagome's surprise, everyone learns that she is in fact the reincarnation of Kikyo. Throughout their adventures, the two become closer, but once Kikyo is resurrected by Urasue, their relationship falters while Inuyasha tries to sort out his feelings for Kikyo. Kagome is often frustrated by Inuyasha's fickleness, which has often caused a rift in their otherwise close relationship. Kagome is one of the only people that can check Inuyasha's ego when he gets carried away. Thanks to a magical rosary around his neck, Kagome is able to force him to the ground by shouting "sit!"

Initially Kagome is rather helpless in combat, and it is her stray arrow that strikes the Shikon Jewel and causes it to shatter. However, she quickly improves her archery skills and becomes an important asset to the team on the battlefield. She is able to endow her arrows with an immense spiritual power that purifies demons out of existence, as well as clearing Naraku's poisonous miasma. Kagome also makes use of her abilities to return to modern Tokyo, and brings back bandages and antiseptics to treat the wounds suffered by her friends in battle.

Although Kagome's relationship with Inuyasha has its ups and downs, she remains very close with her other travelling compansions- particularly Sango. Kagome tries her best to encourage Sango and Miroku's budding romance, and shares in Sango's frustration over Miroku's wandering eye. Her interations with Kikyo, her rival for Inuyasha's affections is very strained. Kagome has tried to be civil towards her, but Kikyo's icy demeanor has ensured the two remain distant.
The Meaning Behind the Name
Kagome means "woven bamboo pattern" in literal translation. It seems that the name came from the principles of Yin and Yang, but because she writes her name in hiragana rather than kanji it is difficult to discern. Higurashi is written with the characters for "day" and "to make a living". No real pun there, it's just a normal Japanese family name.

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