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The Tetsusaiga is the treasure found in the tomb of Inuyasha's father. It was made in order for his father to protect Inuyasha's human mother. It grows in size and power whenever it is used to protect a human life. Eventually in a battle with Goshinki the sword is broken and must be repaired by Totosai. The blade becomes difficult for Inuyasha to wield for a time. As Naraku grows in strength Inuyasha must power the blade up to break his barriers, which he ultimately does with the help of Shiori.
Shikon Jewel
The Shikon Jewel was created hundreds of years ago in a cave near Sango's village. It is the product of a the merger of a human named Midoriko's soul with that of a group of demons who were trying to kill her. Eventually the jewel was intrusted to Kikyo to care for, and Inuyasha debated using it's power to become fully human so that he could live with Kikyo. The jewel was burned with Kikyo's body, but when Kagome ventured back in time the jewel came out of her body. Once it was released demons from all over the area tried to claim it. Now it has been shattered into many pieces and scattered all across Japan and beyond.
Black Pearl
The Black Pearl is hidden behind Inuyasha's eye and contains the portal that leads to his father's tomb in the netherworld. A long time later it is discovered that the final Shikon fragment also lies in the netherworld, but the demon who forged the Black Pearl has sinced passed away, and his successor is not capable enough to forge a new one.
Magic Ink
Kotatsu the Hell Painter drops a Shikon shard into his ink pot and now anything Kotatsu draws comes to life. Ultimately the ink requires human livers to retain it's power and Kotatsu winds up it's final victim.
Blade of Lightning
The Blade of Lightning is a spear used by Hiten, one half of the Thunder Brothers. It can produce deadly lightning bolts.
Nest of the Hell Wasps
Naraku uses the Hell Wasps to ensure that Miroku will be unable to unleash his Wind Tunnel. If he were to suck the wasps into himself, he would quickly become ill from their venom.

Kikyo was an excellent marksman when it came to using her bow and arrows. Kagome is a less than average archer in the beginning, but over time she develops quite a bit of skill.


Prayer Beads
Inuyasha's prayer beads were placed around his neck by Kaede in order to prevent him from killing Kagome when the first met. Whenever Kagome says "sit", Inuyasha is forced to the ground.


Tetsusaiga's Scabbard
The scabbard of Tetsusaiga is a powerful defensive weapon. It is able to protect Inuyasha from the damaging lightning bolt of Hiten. It is only a scabbard though, and after many blows it begins to crack. Eventually it has to be repaired by a special group of bees.


Oni's Comb
The Oni's Comb is where Yura of the Hair has transferred her soul. Her body is able to withstand massive damage, but once the comb is destroyed, Yura dies with it.


Staff of Heads
This staff is used by Jaken in order to search for the entrance to Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's father's tomb. Sesshomaru is hoping to use the staff to get the Tetsusaiga before Inuyasha. The staff also has the power to breath fire and is Jaken's main killing tool.


Shippo's Father's Pelt
After the Thunder Brothers kill Shippo's father Manten skins him and wears his fur as a sash.


Amakoi Halbeard
The false Water God stole this from the true Water God. Using the Halbeard gives him the powers of a god making him and extremely tough opponent. The halbeard also has many magical abilities that allow him to teleport.


Totosai's Hammer
Totosai is able to swing his hammer with such force that he can split the ground and cause lava eruptions.


The Tenseiga is Sesshomaru's blade forged by Totosai. The sword is not able to cut, but can heal any wound. Mastery of the blade can even bring someone back from the dead.


After Inuyasha kills Goshinki, Sesshomaru comes upon his remains. He takes them to Kaijinbo who forges this blade for him. Tokijin is such a massively evil sword that it takes control of Kaijinbo and forces him to fight Inuyasha. Kaijinbo dies, and Toto-sai warns Sesshomaru against using the blade knowing he will suffer a similar fate. Of course Sesshomaru is far superior than anyone else and weilds the evil blade with absolute control.


Red Stone
Shiori uses this to generate the barrier protecting her grandfather and the demon bat's cave. Inuyasha slices it in half to gain its power which allows the Tetsusaiga to break any barrier.


Abi's Halbeard
When Naraku enlists Princess Abi's help in order to gain access to the underworld he gives her this halbeard, made from his bones. The blade generates a barrier that protects her from Inuyasha's Scar of the Wind.


Although she is a master of many weapons, Sango specializes in the use of her oversized boomerang made from the bones of vanquished demons, Hiraikotsu. Large and heavy, Sango is able to wield the Hiraikotsu with one arm.


Bankotsu's sword, Banryuu, is the closest thing to a best friend that Bankotsu's has. After returning to life he slays a castle full of men to get his beloved blade back and after it is cracked by the Wind Scar he uses Shikon shards to power it up.


Jakotsuto, Jakotsu's sword, is a trick blade made with special hinges that allow it to extend repeatedly and strike targets at a great distance.


Dragon Arm
Dragon's are feared as some of the most powerful creatures in history, but Sesshomaru fears no beast, and quickly dispatches it. Taking its arm for his own, he uses it to attack the Tetsusaiga, but ultimately aids Inuyasha in learning the Wind Scar.


Kanna's Mirror
Kanna uses her mirror to absorb people's souls, taking them under her control. The mirror is also able to deflect attacks, including the Wind Scar.


When Koga entered the graveyard of the wolf demon tribe, he sought out his tribe's most valued treasure, the Goraishi. After he selflessly abandoned the treasure in order to save Ginta and Hakkaku from the grave guardian's flames, he was bestowed the claws. Koga was told that the claws will help ward off the Midoriko's influence on Koga's Shikon shards.



Mujina's magical sword, Datsuki, has the ability to absorb power from slain opponents or energy directed towards it. It powers up quite a bit after absorbing the Wind Scar from Tetsusaiga, but is ultimately shattered easily after it crosses paths with Inuyasha again.


The Fuyoheki is a magical a magical stone that the mountain demon, Gakusanjin, was using to mask his presense. The Infant steals the stone, which allows Goryomaru and him to go undetected until Miroku manages to destroy the jewel by sucking it into his Wind Tunnel.