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Demon Slayer ~Inuyasha poem~

Demon Slayer.She rids my kind, disposing of us one by one.Her figure tall, slender, and strong.Her eyes hold sorrow.For loss of a pitiful family member.I look at her ride on the neko youkai she owns.She jumps down to my presence, looking as though she's bowing."What do you want?"On one knee, her brisk face looks up at me."Lord Sesshomaru..."She begins to tremble."L-lord Se-sesshomaru..I know you do not like humans.."I raise an eyebrow at her."What is it, Sango?"Her eyes wide."Over the months of my travels with Inuyasha and his group...I've fallen in love with you"Her eyes plead of for an answer.I begin to walk away from her."Wait! Lord Sesshomaru..."She runs up and grabs my remaining hand."Please, tell me youre thoughts of me..."I look down upon her and smile.That seemed to be a good enough reply.
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